The following general terms and conditions apply to the sale of all products and services provided by the Web Site

Therefore, the use by of the services offered by presupposes adherence by users to these terms & conditions that are pronounced and published by J. J. Gil S.L, and it is essential that the user reads the Terms & Conditions carefully before the purchase.

J. J. Gil S.L. reserves the right to modify these conditions, items and prices at any time, although it shall always honor the contracts that have been made previously by the user.


Prices are as indicated on the website at the time of confirming the order.

The price listed on each item is inclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax)


Purchases may be made by 3 differents methods:

1) Paypal: if you want to pay with this method you must be registered or you must create an account in Paypal´s site. This method takes 24h for confirm the payment.

2) Credit Card (TPV):  this method is the safest way to make purchases over the Internet, this method is the fastest way too for confirm the payment (real time). The credit card information is encrypted using a secure protocol (https) and sent exclusively to the bank, which is responsible for authenticating the card.

The modus  operandi is the same as in traditional POS stores with the same security  as the client data is transmitted directly to the bank, who verifies in real time and notifying the customer and the shop on the spot. does not receive any data from the card used, since the information is transmitted to the bank who owns the payment gateway which in our case is Banco Sabadell.

3) Bank transfer: if you decide to pay by this method, after place the order it will appear on your screen the bank´s name and account number where you must do the payment, don´t forget to indicate your order number and your name, this method takes 24h to 48h (working days) for Spain and minimum of 48 h (working days) if the order has been place from the EU, the order will be sent after the confirmation of the money reception.


Orders will be sent exclusively through a courier company after the payment bank notification, for deliveries to Spain, we use normally SEUR, this company sent in 24h for Spain and 48h for Spanish Islands (Baleares and Canarias).

For EU deliveries we normally use the company TNT which takes 3 / 4 working days (depending the country) for deliver the order.

Delivery will be made at the address specified by the buyer which may be different from the place of residence and delivered to any person as per instruction, however, in all cases; identification will be necessary when the package is delivered. If the package could not be delivered on the day of delivery, the package will be deposited at the SEUR agency nearest to your home. The delivery will be made between 3 to 7 days after received the payment.

In the event that  any of the products are not available at the time of ordering, J. J. GIL S.L shall inform via email or telephone about the new estimated time of delivery, or about any incident that may affect the level of stocks.


For orders over 30€, no shipping cost will be charged for orders placed on the Península and Balearic Islands, if the order is under 30€ the shipment cost will be 3.95€.

For orders over 50€, no shipping cost will be charged for orders placed on Ceuta, Melilla and Canary Islands, if the order is under 50€, the standard shipment will be 5,90€.

For ordes over 150€, no shipping cost will be charged for orders placed in the European Community, if the order is under 150€ the shipping cost will be 12.50€, the delivery time will be around 2 / 8 working days from the payment confirmation.

For shipments outside  the Peninsula and Balearic Islands, like Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla or any other country not member of the European Community, kindly request for a quote and delivery time via e-mail to 


The purchaser has a period of 10 working days from receipt of the order for returning the goods. In this case the customer is only liable for the shipping costs. All returns, regardless of its cause, must be in original  packaging. The return of defective products will not generate any type of expense to the purchaser, which is communicated within 10 working days from receipt of order.


All payment transaction are made through a secure server.

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Definition of cookies: cookies are commonly used by web servers to differentiate users and to act differently depending on them. The cookies were invented to be used in a virtual basket, which acts as a virtual device in which the user will by placing the elements you want to purchase, so that users can browse the site showing the objects for sale and add them and remove them from the basket at any time. Cookies allow that the contents of the shopping basket is dependent on the user's actions.

Use of cookies is to identify on a web site. Users are normally identified by entering their credentials on a page of validation; cookies allow the server to know that the user is already authenticated, and therefore can be allowed to access services or perform operations that are restricted to unidentified users.

J. J. Gil S.L. guarantees the safety and confidentiality in their communications with the user.

All personal information provided by customers to J. J. Gil S.L are registered with the Data Protection Agency as provided for in provisions set forth in Act 15/1999 date December 13th of the Protection of Personal Data Law.


These Terms & Conditions are governed by Spanish law. The parties expressly submit themselves to resolve conflicts and renouncing any other jurisdiction, to the courts or tribunals of the domicile of the user.

Likewise, as an affiliate entity of CONFIANZA ONLINE (Trust Online) and adhering to the terms and conditions contained in its Code of Ethics, in case of disputes related to commercial agreements and online advertising, data protection, protection of minors and accessibility, the user may turn to CONFIANZA ONLINE´s out-of-court dispute resolution system ( through the Advertising Jury (Jurado de la Publicidad) and National Consumers Chamber (Junta Arbitral Nacional de Consumo).