J. J. Gil, S.L. (Possum), an organisation dedicated to the manufacture of belts and small leather goods, undertakes to comply with this environmental management policy, the objective of which is the development and continuous improvement of the Management System, acquiring a commitment to the requirements and needs of our customers and to society for the prevention of pollution and compliance with current environmental legislation and other applicable legal requirements.

▪ To ensure that the expectations of interested parties are met.

- Maintain an attitude of trust and cooperation with the different official and private bodies, being aware of the legal obligations, in order to achieve collaboration for the improvement of the environment.

- Linking a commitment to the immediate social environment, creating synergies between the company and the community of which we form part in order to contribute to its improvement.

▪ Compliance with regulations

- Evaluate compliance with applicable regulations in the performance of our activity.

- Maintain the Environmental Management System implemented, in accordance with the UNE EN ISO 14001:2015 Standard, updating manuals, procedures, instructions and documents.

- Carrying out audits of the Environmental Management System, to demonstrate its correct maintenance.

▪ Establishment of objectives and targets.

- Provide the necessary resources to achieve the established environmental objectives.

- To carry out periodic monitoring by means of indicators in order to ensure continuous improvement.

▪ Customer satisfaction.

- Continuously understand the needs and expectations of our customers, with the aim of increasing their degree of satisfaction with the organisation.

- Respond to possible customer complaints.

- Raise staff awareness of the importance of knowing the needs of customers, in order to make improvements to achieve customer satisfaction.


Relations with suppliers and/or subcontractors.

- Carry out a continuous selection and evaluation of suppliers and subcontractors, ensuring that we can offer the best service to our customers.

▪ Staff involvement

- Provide fair and respectful treatment of workers' rights, complying with applicable labour legislation.

- Continuously train all personnel involved in our activities, through the application of training and qualification plans that improve their adaptation to new technologies and systems, evaluating the effectiveness of these actions.

Protection of the health and integrity of personnel.

- Comply with the applicable legal regulations on the prevention of occupational hazards.

▪ Conservation of the environment and its surroundings.

- Comply with current legislation and other applicable environmental management requirements.

- Raise awareness, train and educate personnel to respect the environment.

- Prevent pollution, using resources rationally, thus reducing consumption and atmospheric emissions.

- To manage the selective collection of waste in order to facilitate recycling.

The management of J. J. Gil, S.L. (Possum) is committed to reviewing the Environmental Policy, ensuring that all commitments are consistent with the organisation's objectives, as well as with the expectations and needs of interested parties.

December 2022